Rich Sobel
1 min readJul 25, 2023

As Jewish person who is only 1 generation down from World War II (my father was a radio operator on a bomber in the war), this is just too close for comfort. It is so hard to believe that the whole effort of tracking down and trying Nazi criminals at Nuremberg for their concentration camp actions is basically being forgotten and even worse, ignored. And not only ignored but celebrated!

I keep going back to Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention and his song, "It Can't Happen Here". Sing it with me:

"Whooooooooo could imagine, that they would freak out in ...... Minnesota, minna minna minna soda!? It can't happen here...."

Well it can and is happening in America and unless each and every one of us does something to counter these self-righteous, power-hungry, greedy monsters, it will happen here. Don't doubt it. Not even for one moment! NOT. EVEN. FOR. ONE. MOMENT!

I'm scared. I've never been scared before just to be alive but I'm truly scared. Everything I believe in and spent my life working for is on the line. But that fear is a good place to come from because it motivates me to get my ass in gear. Especially with kickstarters like umair pointing us in the correct direction.

Keep telling us what you're telling us and doing what you're doing, umair. You do it so damn well.

Rich Sobel

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