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Have You Been “Ponytailed”?

I’m proposing a new term for a special kind of speedy young folks

I was out with my best friend yesterday and we’re hiking up a mountain trail that we and lots of other the local folks use for outdoor exercise training. We’re moving at a pretty good pace for us (we’re both seniors). We’ve done this trail hundreds of times and know it well. And you know what happens next.

We get passed.

Nothing unusual about that. We don’t claim to be speedsters anymore. But there is one “type” of person passing us that actually stands out from all the rest.

They‘re usually not using hiking poles, their shoes aren’t even dirty and are often brightly coloured. They have on at least one layer of clothing less than we do and they often smile and say “hi”.

And before you know it, all you can see is their ponytail doggedly moving up the trail until they’re no longer even in sight.

We’ve just been “ponytailed”!

It’s usually younger females but can often be males too.

It’s happened so often that I thought it needed a catchy phrase so I invented one.


You can “ponytail” folks or you can be “ponytailed”!

I don’t have much hair left and I keep it short so I’m only going to be ponytailed; I’m never going to ponytail someone else!

It usually happens while I’m hiking but also when I’m out running.

I think it’s a winner. What do you think?

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