Rich Sobel
1 min readJun 25, 2023


Not in the popular media, you won't! And certainly in the crazy Far Right GOP. Because none of those traits will garner power and wealth. And that seems to be all that matters to "the stupids" in America and around the world today.

Those positive attributes all require that you think about others and the effects your actions will have on them. That you take 2 + 2 and come up with 4, not 3 or 6 or some other ridiculous answer.

What I keep wondering is what all those fascistic fanatic individual-freedom-minded people will do when they are diagnosed with a cancer, or some other life-threatening disease? Because, of course, they can't go to a doctor because doctors use evidence-based medicine based on scientific discoveries. And since science is some plot by some group trying to ruin their society, why would they want medical care? Right?


The first thing they'd do is go running to a specialist and then cry out when they don't get immediately cured.

Yeah, stupid doesn't even BEGIN to cover what's happening now.

And it tears me up (both meanings intended)!

Climate tipping points? Yeah, we should all know about them.

But even more important, IMHO, is Ethics. Because if ethics were commonly taught and discussed throughout schooling, maybe more people would grow up considering and caring about other people and this small blue and green planet.

As always, thanks for keeping the fire lit, stoked and fed, Umair!



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