Rich Sobel
1 min readAug 7, 2022

Thank you, Roxdub. I knew that there were teacher's unions and that at this point in time, they don't have much power. But that is the problem, isn't it? When unions first started going on strike way back when, all the corporations protested they didn't have the $$ and yet they hired strike busters. You know all this. But I think it has been forgotten.

My partner is a teacher here where we live in British Columbia and when they went on strike, and stood on street corners and closed down the schools for a few weeks, it was not a good time. But people honked in support as they drove by the strikers and eventually, the district sat down at the table and met most of the demands. Not all but a good portion of them. And they know that the teachers can go on strike at any time. Do they know that in your district? When was the last time you even threatened that?

Those in power always bemoan that they don't have the funding etc. And say "how can they leave the children like that?" etc. That will never change. But if you don't take serious action, you can't expect serious change. Especially in this time of fascist authoritarian attempts to take over our and unravel our precious US democracy.

My 2 cents.

Rich Sobel

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